• Courses Taught:

    Upper Division and Honors (history of philosophy)

    Modern Philosophy; The Enlightenment; Morality Critiques: Nietzsche, Marx, Freud; 20th Century Continental Philosophy; Rousseau’s Critique of the Enlightenment; Hume on Religion; Cynics and Spies; Aesthetics; Philosophy and Tragedy; Ethics, Law, and Literature; and an Honors seminar on Food

    Entry Level

    Introduction to Philosophy; Self and Society (Introduction to Philosophy); Ethics; Critical Thinking in Ethics; Professional Ethics; Critical Thinking; Logic (formal)

    Independent Studies

    Phil 391—Ethics Practicum; Phil 392—Hamann and Rousseau; Phil 292—Counter-Enlightenment

    Honors Thesis

    Director; Reader

    Additional teaching interests: 

    Theories of Knowledge and Perception; Religion in Modern Philosophy; Kant (all three Critiques); Political Philosophy

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