• Joseph Tinguely

    Joe Tinguely

    My happy childhood might have been more interesting if I hadn’t squandered many excellent opportunities to get into trouble in the farmland outside of Fargo, North Dakota.  Set as I was on a course of non-prodigality, I went to St. John’s University in Collegeville, MN, settling on a B.A. in philosophy while also studying music and economics.  It took the cumulative effort of these studies to beguile Jen into believing that one could have a happy life married to someone with such preoccupations.  After traipsing the country in a madcap quest to coordinate higher education, we landed in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, in whose many parks we now play with our two suspiciously good-looking children.  We cheer on the Minnesota Twins, do a fair amount of running, and applaud at the appropriate times for the South Dakota Symphony Orchestra. I like to hunt with my dog, Lily, and fish, but mostly I tend to our other domestic animals and plants. I find that I learn a lot about the world from fiction; the books by John Le Carré and Cormac McCarthy which I had ordered just before the children were born both have excellent first chapters.

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